Contact the Inlet Inn | Make Reservations

Within the US

To make reservations, you must call and speak with a member of our staff

US Customers should NOT contact us via e-mail.

Toll Free: 800-554-5466

Local Call: 252-728-3600

International Guests Only

International guests may email for reservations, however email is not routinely monitored.  There may be several days delay before you receive a response. If you need immediate assistance, please call the reservation numbers listed above.

If you are inside the country, and have any type of question, you should pick up the phone and call.  Email is an inefficient method for communicating with us. We make no guarantees regarding email.

International guests only email | (NOT FOR RESERVATIONS)

Did we mention that the above email is for international guests only?

If you are able, please call to make or change reservations and/or to request information.

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